New releases & bug fixes

9th August 2019 - Making big changes and tackling small fixes

This month, our team is focused on releasing an updated booking and checkout process, as well as getting out payment pages in order in time for SCA.

While those things continue to be worked on in the background, our developers also tackled a pretty substantial number of bugs. 

  • Booking widget [Fancybox] - The calendar on the Fancybox booking widget appeared misaligned on a few websites. We were able to fix this. 
  • Resources - A customer reported that they could not assign new resources to price categories and an error message appeared when they tried to save the changes. 
  • Mobile bookings and payment - A guide used the mobile app to take a booking and payment. While the transaction was only successful on the third attempt, the customer ended up getting charged three times. This bug was investigated and solved. 
  • Mobile printer - Receipts printed with the mobile printer were not showing payment type (whether it was a credit or debit card), and it did not show the last 4 digits of the card used to pay. This was also resolved by our developers. 

Lastly, please note that the OLD POS Desk will be deactivated from the 30th of August onwards.