New releases & bug fixes

31st May 2019 - Bugs we slayed! 🙌

Is it me or are the weeks flying past 100km per hour? Last week, we slayed (re: solved) a lot of bugs. Here's summary of them:

Bugs resolved:

  • Previously, the departure point for activities was not showing up. This has been fixed. Additionally, we advise users to enter the departure points for activities so that you can easily find your activities based on location when using our bookings tools. 
  • We received reports that the Cash Flow report was not displaying baskets that were paid by customers and paid out by TrekkSoft. We isolated the issue and found there was an problem when exporting data to our database. This has been fixed and everything should be reported correctly. 
  • When allocating resources to guests in the Guest Manifest, an error occurred where the resource field displayed "None". This has been fixed and the right resources will be displayed.
  • Some customers experienced reported that the booking widget was not displaying the dropdown menu for customers to select the number of seats. Instead it was displaying "0". This was quickly resolved.
  • The "Special tagline" did not display the right information for some users. This has also been fixed.

đź“Ł A reminder about PDF templates: When using PDF templates, remember to upload your PDFs in European A4 to avoid misalignments of placeholders in your tickets and receipts.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to send in screenshots and video recordings of issues found. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment here.

Alternatively, you can email for further assistance.