New releases & bug fixes

2nd September 2019 - Important updates you might have missed

September is here and we have a lot of updates to share with you in case you missed it in the monthly newsletter. 

Firstly, we deactivated the OLD POS Desk last Friday. After months of testing the new POS Desk, we're confident that this tool can offer you and your customers a seamless booking experience. 

Secondly, SCA implementation deadline is only 12 days away and TrekkSoft is committed to meeting deadline on the 14th of September. You can keep up to date with our progress here

We're also building our Partner Network Directory to allow TrekkSoft users to find other businesses to resell their inventory. Due to GDPR regulations, we cannot share the names and contact details of all companies who use TrekkSoft. Therefore, to get listed on the directory, please fill out this form.  

To wrap things up, here are a couple of bug fixes you need to know about:

  • Resource notification emails - We received a few reports that resource notification emails were not being sent out. Our engineers have solved this issue and notification emails are working consistently again. 
  • Booking confirmation emails - Some booking confirmation emails were not showing down payments made at the time of booking. Again, this issue has been fixed and the emails should show the correct information.