New releases & bug fixes

28th June 2019 - Getting TrekkSoft ready for the summer

As the high season rolls in, we're working harder than ever to knock out as many bugs we can.

Bugs resolved last week:

  • Booking & Checkout - Previously, rentals were taking a long time to load on the booking widget. This has been resolved and loading times shout have improved significantly. 
  • POS Desk - The days and dates on the POS Desk were showing up incorrectly for schedules. This has been fixed. 
  • Mobile app - We receive reports about the app frequently not being able to process credit card and cash payments. This issue has also been resolved. 
  • Payyo - Some users were reporting that they could not login to Payyo with their Admin credentials. As this was occurring for users with long email addresses, we increased the character limit for email addresses to resolve the issue. 
  • Payyo - Some of the refund requests were not going through with Payyo. In some cases, users tried to cancel the old refunds and create new ones, but even that did not help. Our team has resolved the issue for future refunds and we will reach out to merchants affected by this to assist with refunds. 


Outstanding issue: Rental schedules displaying availabilities for the year 2024

We're aware of rental schedules displaying the incorrect year in the booking widget and it's our top priority to solve this bug as soon as possible. 


Design update: Activity Details page on the POS Desk 

The Activity Details page has been added back to the POS Desk with sleek and clean design, making it easy for you to show in-store customers the tours and activities you offer. 

Go to Activities and hover over the activity you would like to view. Then, click on More Details.