New releases & bug fixes

24th May 2019 - POS Desk fixes and other bugs resolved

It's been a busy two weeks for us. Here are some things we've worked on:

After releasing the POS Desk for over a month, we were able to work on the bugs that were reported. These are the bugs that we've fixed:

  • Previously, the "Buying User" did not change despite logging out and logging back in again. This bug has been fixed. 
  • When trying to "Filter by activity" on the Availabilities page, nothing happened. This has been sorted and you should be able to view your tours, activities or rentals according to the filters you set.
  • There was an issue with voucher codes not working at checkout. This has also been fixed. 
  • We received a report about rental schedules not displaying availabilities. To access your rental schedules on the POS Desk, from the Availabilities page, click on "Rentals" in the top menu.

Other bugs we've fixed include: 

  • When trying to import vouchers to the Admin Desk, the Error 500 page was shown after uploading the file. This has been resolved and voucher imports should work smoothly. 
  • Activity names were previously not showing up in the Booking Desk, instead displaying a blank space. This has been fixed as well. 

That's it for last week's round up! If you have any questions or need help, please email