New releases & bug fixes

21 June 2019 - A quick update on ExperienceBank and a bunch of issues we resolved 🙌

For this post, let's start with an update on ExperienceBank.

We've successfully integrated with Globol! The marketplace specialises in the following products: Skip the line tickets, tickets to attractions, tickets to events, culinary tours, guided tours, nightlife tours, and transfers.

For each booking, an online booking fee of 2% or €0.50 (whichever is greater) will be applied. 

In terms of bug fixes, these are the issues we worked on last week:

When copying an existing schedule, the old schedule would disappear and only the new schedule would be shown. Users had to refresh the page so that the original schedule will be shown. Now, both schedules are shown right after a schedule has been duplicated.

A user reported two payments recorded on Stripe but only one booking was recorded on TrekkSoft. Here, we believe that the customer made a mistake by making the booking twice. We've also created a follow-up task to find out why TrekkSoft only recorded one booking. Keep an eye out for updates. 

Previously, activities that were fully booked in the Admin Desk were showing available spaces on the POS Desk and in on OTA channels. This bug was fixed and the availabilities should be correct on all sales channels. 

When editing packages, the "Allocate Activities" tab wasn't loading and users could not edit the activities. This issue has been fixed and you should be able to edit your packages smoothly. 

There was another issue with packages where inactive packages were still bookable via the Booking Desk. This too was investigated and resolved. 

Finally, agents without permission to make reservations (that is making a booking without payment) were able to do so. Our team had a look at this and were able to correct this. 

Thank you again to those who reported these issues. 

If you would like to report any issues, please feel free to fill out this form or email us at If possible, please send over screenshots or GIFs of the issues. You can use LiceCap to create GIFs.