New releases & bug fixes

19th July 2019 - A short update on SCA and bugs we solved

Last week was a busy week for the team as we started development work for Strong Customer Authentication. We'll be working on Payyo and all the other 3rd party payment systems we integrate with. 

We also continued to work through the bugs that were reported. Here are the ones we fixed:

  • A customer reported that booking confirmation emails were not delivered to customers. We've resolved this issue and emails should be going out when they're supposed to. Please reach out to us if this is not the case for your TrekkSoft account. 
  • Another user reported that schedules took a long time to load, and then an Error 500 showed up. This was also the case for schedules on Quickbook and when the customer wanted to rebook activities. We've worked to improve the loading times for your schedules. however, it would be good hygiene to deactivate schedules that are not needed.
  • There were inconsistent basket status on the POS Desk and the Admin Desk. This issue has been resolved and basket status should match up across the booking tools. 
  • A few customers reported that activities were not bookable even though there was availability and every was setup correctly. For other customers, it was reported that their activities were not bookable on the 1st day of each month. Both of these bugs were resolved the day it was reported and everything should we working correctly now. 
  • For travellers using the iPhone 8 and IPhone 6, the booking widget was not adapting to the size of the mobile screen and so they could not select dates to book. This was quickly solved by our engineers as well. 


Thank you to everyone who reported these issues. For further technical assistance, please use the Help Desk in the Admin Desk or email us at