New releases & bug fixes

19th August 2019 - We've just integrated with Trekhunt, a marketplace for outdoor adventures!

Last week, our developers were busy working on new features, SCA (but of course) and the new booking widget.

In the midst of all that, we added Trekhunt to our Channel Manager! Trekhunt is a speciality marketplace for outdoor adventure activities, perfect for adventure providers around the world. You can learn more about this marketplace here and find out how to connect with them here.  

We also worked on some bugs. Here's a quick update on what the team fixed:

  • Schedule exceptions - Some merchants reported that they could not view the schedules in the exceptions pop-up beyond three weeks. This problem has been solved so that all days of the month can be seen. 
  • Sales reports - Sales made on the POS Desk and mobile app was taking longer than usual to show up in the sales reports and in some cases, merchants had to manually recalculate these reports. This bug was fixed and reports should be updated more regularly without manual recalculations.

Lastly, note that:

  • Agent reports are updated at 2 am CET daily. This means that cancellations or new bookings will only show up in Agent reports the day after the action was made. 
  • The OLD POS Desk will be deactivated on the 30th of August. This will not change anything in the NEW POS Desk.