New releases & bug fixes

14th June 2019 - A quick one this week

Last week, we worked on a bunch of technical things in the back-end that should improve your experience with TrekkSoft in the coming months. 

We also worked on a couple of bugs, here's what we resolved:

  • There was an issue with POS Desk and Admin Desk not showing the same payment status, where a booking that was reported as "Even balance" on the Admin Desk was showing up as "Open" on the POS Desk. This issue with our internal API has been resolved. 
  • Bookings from low-touch marketplaces were coming through without required customer details. This issue has been resolved and future bookings that do not have customer information will trigger an error message asking users to fill out the necessary information.

Before signing off for the week, I'd also like to remind you that we now have expiration dates for discount codes! If you want a discount code to expire, simply add an expiration date. If not, leave the field empty. 

Thank you as always for sending alerting us of issues with TrekkSoft. If you notice something amiss with the software, please send us an email with screenshots or video recordings to

Have a great week ahead!