New releases & bug fixes

12th July 2019 - Another quick update this week

Last week, we continued to work on exciting new updates that will be released as soon as they've been tested.

Until then, here are some issues we tackled head on:

  • Activity Gallery- Users reported that they could not delete images from the gallery. We resolved the issue and you should be able to delete images as before. 
  • Prices - Users reported that they could not set minimum and maximum prices when creating variable prices. We've resolved this too.
  • Discount Codes and Gift Cards - When trying to upload Gift Cards in bulk, a few users told us they were getting an error. We looked into the issue and resolved it. However, please remember to upload the file as a CSV and follow the order in which the columns need to be arranged. 

As always, thank you again to those who reported these issues. 

If you would like to report any issues, please feel free to fill out this form or email us at If possible, please send over screenshots or GIFs of the issues. You can use LiceCap to create GIFs.