Mobile App

TrekkSoft's White Label App

    For Enterprise Subscriptions, TrekkSoft offers the White Label App

    What's the point you might ask. The point is having your own mobile app in the App Store/Play Store displaying all your activities. This means that your clients can have a direct access from their phone to your activities, and get their bookings with it.

    Let's take a quick look at the white label we have crafted for our account: Amazing Activities. 

    First of all, you will see your logo displayed full screen in the phone:


    Once the app starts, the first view will be either one of your collections or the view of all of your activities:


    The view of the activity:


    If you hit on "Play video", the video will start playing automatically on full screen:


    Now, let's see the booking process:





    On the thank you page, we offer two options to the user:

                                      Show Booking Tickets               Back to Tours



    This application can be customized in color, images, logos, anything you can think of to be the proud owner of a mobile app!