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Replacing Booking Desk and TrekkSoft App with the POS Desk and mPOS App

In the last few months, we've worked continuously on improving our new booking tools - the POS and the mPOS. To avoid supporting duplicate tools and features, we will be removing the TrekkSoft App and the Booking Desk soon.

This means tha

  • The TrekkSoft App will be removed on October, 31st, and replaced with the mPOS
  • The Booking Desk will be removed on November, 30th, and replaced with the POS Desk

We know this might be a huge change for your business. But we want to guarantee that this happens as smoothly as possible. We from TrekkSoft are here to help you to transition to the new tools. 

We’ll also organise a webinar to run through the POS Desk with you and answer all your questions. Sign up here. 

The following article will give you a full overview of what the replacement of the Booking Desk and TrekkSoft App means and how TrekkSoft’s Point of Sale Desk and mPOS will support your business in boosting your sales over the counter, on the phone or outside of your office.

We hope you’re excited as we are, so let’s have a look!

What does this replacement mean for your business?

What will change if I currently use the Booking Desk and Agent Desk?

If you are still using the Booking Desk, you should take the time until we remove the Booking Desk at the end of October to familiarize yourself with the POS Desk. 

When you login into your TrekkSoft account with your credentials, you’ll find the POS Desk in the menu on the left: 

 Or you can access it via the banner in the Booking/Agent Desk directly. 

For your agents and resellers which currently have access to the Agent Desk, it means that this section will be replaced with the POS Desk as well. As soon as they login with their credentials, they will access the POS Desk. Please keep in mind that all permissions set up for the specific agent role will also apply in the POS Desk.

Therefore it would be helpful for everyone on your team to have a look at the POS Desk. 

Have a look at our recording of our webinar from 1st of September, 2021 where we gave an introduction to the POS Desk and its functionalities and answered all your questions. Watch it here...

What will change when I currently use the TrekkSoft App?

For the ones using the TrekkSoft App, the app will be removed from the app store and you won’t be able to login or use it from 1st of October 2021 onwards. 

You have two options to get access to the mPOS: 

  • Go to the apple/google store, search for “mPOS” and you’ll be able to download 
  • the mPOS app. Just use the same login data for you and your team. 
  • Or, when you have the TrekkSoft App open, click on “Go to mPOS” in top menu, which will forward you directly to the mPOS. 



I use the POS and/or mPOS already, what do I have to do?

When you are currently already using the POS Desk and/or the mPOS, nothing will change for you. You will continue to benefit from new features we’re going to release for the POS and mPOS.  

What are the benefits of using the POS and mPOS?

The new booking tools POS and mPOS will both offer you: 

  • An intuitive and user friendly interface and booking experience for you, your agents and resellers
  • A mobile Point of Sale - accessible on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone)
  • With all your activities listed in the POS, you can show your customers right away what they signing up for
  • View live availabilities and benefit from last minute bookings
  • Upsell opportunities with shop items and add-ons which can be added during the checkout process
  • Add guest data for every single guest, or apply guest data to all guests
  • Check-in customers easily and fast - mark the ones that show up as “checked-in” and have a report ready for later, who didn’t show up
  • Manage bookings on the go - Book guests on trips, add payments, cancel or rebook, add refunds, etc. 
  • PCI compliant checkout with different payment methods


    Let’s have a look at TrekkSoft's Point of Sale Desk with this short introduction: 

    HubSpot Video

    Special feature on the mPOS :

    • Daily cash report for agents
    • Ticket scan functionality
    • Search for tickets by entering booking number
    • Let your customers pay on site - with the credit card reader
    • Print tickets right after booking


    This is how the mPOS looks like: 

    HubSpot Video


    You can download mPOS on the App Store or Google Play.


    What new features will be added to the POS and mPOS soon?

    Over the last months our Product and Engineering Team worked hard on implementing existing features which are available in the Booking Desk and TrekkSoft App as well as new features which will further support the booking experience on the new platforms. 

    Currently we are about to finish the following features for the POS: 

    • Packages
    • Multilingual Support
    • Import guest data from other basket items
    • Replacing the agent reporting and widget code section in Agent Desk

    What are the next steps?

    If you and your team are not used to the POS Desk or mPOS yet, no problem. We are here to help. 

    First thing, have a look at the demo video for the POS and the mPOS where we give you a full overview of what’s possible with these booking tools. 

    Watch the recording of our POS Desk webinar from 1st of September and have a look at our FAQ page we created out of all questions from the webinar. 

    Keep an eye out for our product updates so you know when we added new features to the POS and mPOS. 

    Again, feel free to drop us any questions you have, our Support Team is happy to help!