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Joomla! Plugin

    Online Booking and Payment Made Easy

    TrekkSoft's Joomla! the plugin allows for quick and easy integration with your blog or website. In less than 5 minutes, your Joomla! the website has booking buttons so your customers can view your activities and purchase tickets directly on the page.

    Don't lose your visitors to third-party websites and other marketplaces

    TrekkSoft's Joomla! integration allows you to use your logo and business information on your own domain, giving your customers a truly professional experience when booking with you.

    Integrate in only a few minutes

    You can download TrekkSoft - Joomla! plugin here: and integrate TrekkSoft booking process into your Joomla! built website. We recommend using the latest stable version of Joomla! (v3.8.3).

    When your customers click Book Now, a Fancybox window will overlay your page, allowing them to complete the transaction or keep shopping.


    Get ready to improve your bottom line and streamline your booking process with TrekkSoft's Joomla! plugin.