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    The competitive advantage when personalizing your brand

    Branding elements will make your website stand out from the competitors, it also makes is easier for customers to recognize your brand and to remember you.


    Create a brand experience

    Customizing brand elements is the perfect way for you to make your website or integration in line with your company’s brand. You can personalize your colors, upload your logo and a favicon to make it even more branded.


    Let people know that the website is yours through branding

    Make your website more branded by adding your own colors,  fonts, logos, etc. Upload a logo image, which can override the default “TrekkSoft” logo at the top corner of your page, to make your website a custom fit for your business.


    Learn here how to create your own website with TrekkSoft.


    Delight your customers, stay in touch

    TrekkSoft also allows you to develop a consistent brand experience through personalized customer email communications; as well as custom tickets and invoices.


    Use templates and customize emails to deliver a personal touch and make a better connection with customers

    In order to further tailor customer’s experience to your customers, you can create your own PDF tickets, by either starting from scratch or modifying the existing template.


    Put your own touch to emails and tickets through customization.

    Send automatic booking confirmations, pre/post-trip reminders, and follow-ups to keep your customers engaged and give them a memorable experience from the first point of contact.