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    Webinar 1: How to Double Website Bookings and Revenue with Tim Warren

    In this session, we learned that by simply adding a simple Credibility Statement can make a huge difference in how customers perceive your business. 

    Remember to:

    • Add it above the fold, the part of your website people see before they scroll down.
    • On all your website pages, not just your homepage.
    • Add it to all your marketing and communication material.
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    Webinar 2: How to Keep Customers Coming Back with Antony Lias

    A big takeaway from this webinar is that companies need to get better at forecasting and managing costs for customer acquisition and retention. With this understanding, you can decide which direct and indirect sales channel to invest in to grow your bookings.


    How can TrekkSoft help? 

    1. Forecast direct and indirect sales to manage costs:

    Refer to your Reports for updated sales and booking numbers, and refer to the Business Intelligence tool to better understand your customer base.

    To effectively use Business Intelligence, you'll need to setup specific custom fields at for customers to fill out at checkout.

    Learn about the Business Intelligence tool here >>


    2. Distribution

    Use our Partner Network to connect with other TrekkSoft suppliers and cross-sell products. You can also explore the various Marketplace Integrations we have to find an OTA or reseller that works best for your company. 

    To incentivise sales and repeat bookings, you can also create discount codes and vouchers for partners to use or share with their customers. 

    Learn more about the Partner Network here >> 


    3. The booking process

    With TrekkSoft, you can embed your TrekkSoft "Book Now" button or widget onto a reseller or partner's website, making it easier for you to take bookings.

    To track where bookings are coming from, first set up an agent account for your partner, then select the agent in when generating the code for the widget. 

    Tutorial: Set up booking widgets >>


    4. Driving traffic to your website

    We learned that Sandemans' website remain their strongest booking channel. It is also the most cost-effective booking channel. To drive bookings to your website, you can setup your website to display multiple languages and setup your TrekkPay payment gateway to accept multiple currencies

    Also consider integrating social media widgets or an online chatbot to your website to engage with your audience the moment they land on your website. 

    Lastly, make sure that your website is SEO friendly and mobile responsive. TrekkSoft's website builder and checkout flows are already optimised for mobile. 

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    Webinar 4: How to work with OTAs so it works for you with Olan O'Sullivan

    In this webinar with Olan, we learned that not all OTAs are created equal. Some cater to the masses while other work with more niche customer segments. 

    Before signing up to work with an OTA, consider the following:

    1. What customer segment is this OTA bringing in? Is it a good match for your tours and activities? 
    2. What are their terms and conditions? This includes their cancellation policies, refund policies and invoicing arrangements. 
    3. Is this added business worth the commissions? You need to make sure that your business is able to handle the added volume of guests, pay the commissions and still turn a profit without compromising on the quality of your tour. 

    You're in this for the long haul so take time to do you research. 

    At TrekkSoft, we do our best to develop strong relationships with our OTA partners to create connections that deliver value to our users. We've written an OTA comparison guide based on all the information we've gathered over the years.

    Login to get your copy >>

    We've also worked hard to expand our marketplace integrations with the Channel Manager and TrekkConnect. 

    You can learn about the different OTAs we're connected to here.

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