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Having multiple prices is useful if you charge different fares for adults, children, seniors, students or group bookings. We call these different prices "price categories" and you can add one or multiple price categories to a schedule.

To create a price, simply click Add.


In order to get our price categories working we’ll need to add some basic information and some specific information, same as we’ve been doing.


  1. The general information consists on Name, description and price, these 3 elements will always be visible on your website.
  2. Here we can also set up the payment structure your customers will pay: you can choose between them paying full price at the time of booking, paying a deposit you define at the time of booking or letting your customer set up what he wants to pay upfront so he or she will pay you the rest at the time and place of the activity.  

When setting up a payment beforehand or letting the customer set it, we’re using down payment.


Next, we’ll configure how the seating of our activity will work:

Seating type: Fixed 

These are single tickets where each booking represents one seat on your trip.

For example, if you have a boat for 20, and 4 people book with you; each of them will count as a single booking and will each have their own ticket.  

Seating type: Variable 

If you select “Variable Pricing”, you’re creating a group ticket. You’ll be asked to specify how many people each group can contain.

Back to the boat example with your boat for 20, if you want to sell as many seats as possible, you can create groups of 5 to 10 people to book altogether. If someone books for 5 people, this booking will have one ticket but will take up 5 seats on your trip.

Number of seats occupied per guest: If this is a fixed price category that occupies more than one seat on your trip, you can define it here. For example, a “Couple” price category will occupy two seats on your trip so enter “2”.

Available number of seats: You can limit the numbers of tickets sold per trip for this price category.  If you only have 5 seats in this price category available the price will be unavailable once these seats have been booked (if the trip has more seats available these will be sold with one of you other price categories).

If this is left blank, the trip’s schedule capacity will be applied.

Exclusive/Private Price Category: Mark this if you offer a private tour. Private price category indicates that this is a private booking.

Guest Information


If you want customers to enter their details before or after check out, or if you don’t need their information at all, select an option that applies.


If this trip uses a specific resource or is limited by resources, select an option that applies. Read more about resources here.

Once you’ve filled in the required settings of your price category you can click Save.

This is what it will look like once you’ve added one or multiple price categories to your activity.


You can arrange the order of your price categories by dragging and dropping them within the list. The top price category will be taken as the default price for the activity.

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