Experience Bank

What is Experience Bank?

Experience Bank is our partner company providing a channel manager solution. With this tool you can handle the mapping process for marketplaces from the initial setup and maintenance to monitoring. 

Experience Bank is a member of the TrekkSoft Group of companies, so you can consider this solution our Channel Manager 2.0 a more stable and reliable channel manager, which allows connecting a wider variety of your products to marketplaces. This is why TrekkSoft and Experience Bank are working together to move all possible move the already existing marketplace integrations to the new tool.

For more information, please visit:

Please note that for now TrekkSoft is taking care of the complete mapping process. If you are interested in seeing this new tool, we would be glad to involve you in the testing phase and receive your feedback. For this please contact our support team.

How to access Experience Bank?

As long as your TrekkSoft subscription includes the Channel Manager solution, you are entitled to receive an Experience Bank account as well. To create your account and user, please go to Admin Desk>Channel Manager>Marketplaces in your TrekkSoft account, select the marketplaces which you would like to map and click Enable.

How to map your activities?

  1. Once you are logged in to your account, please click on Marketplaces in the left menu bar and select the marketplace for which you would like to map your products.
  2. Afterwards, you will need to upload a CSV file to create/update your products This file you can request from your contact person at that specific marketplaces, which means that it is a requirement to have your account and products already created on that marketplaces before mapping. If this is the first time you will do the mapping for a channel the import button will be in the middle of the screen, otherwise you will find it on the top right corner:1.png
  3. Once you have the list of products for the selected marketplace, please select Configure below the the product you would like to map.
  4. Now you can select all TrekkSoft activities that should be connected to this product:2.png
  5. The next step is mapping the options, which is more or less the equivalent of schedules in TrekkSoft. Please select the option you would like to map from the options list:3.png
  6. In this window you will assign all schedules from TrekkSoft that correspond to this option and below you have to select the price categories from all the selected schedules(Please note that for certain marketplaces the price categories are predefined and you will have to disable the ones that are not relevant):
  7. A more complicated example would look like this:5.png
  8. Once all these steps are complete, please click save.
  9. If you are done with the mapping for all products and all options, please notify the marketplace. For this, please check the `How to notify marketplaces of a finished mapping?` part below.

How to notify marketplaces of a finished mapping?


Once you are done with the mapping, please notify your Expedia contact person, so they can download the mapping on their side.


For Viator you would have to complete the mapping on the supplier extranet too, but it would have the exact same IDs, products and product options as on Experience Bank. Therefore, the second mapping process is much shorter.

Additional tools

Delete Button

If you have uploaded the incorrect CSV, you have a `Delete` Button next to the `Import` button. Please note that this will delete everything for that channel, including already mapped and live products.

Disable Function

If you wish you can skip mapping certain products, options or price categories. This means that specific product, option or price category will not be connected to TrekkSoft and should be deleted or deactivated on the marketplaces side if the connection between TrekkSoft and the Marketplace is enabled:


Postpone Function

If you wish you can postpone mapping certain products or options. This means that specific product or option will not be connected to TrekkSoft for a while and you will be reminded the map it after the date you select until which it should be postponed. This is great for season offers for example.


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