Low-touch marketplaces

These are Civitatis, Tiqets, Veltra, GetLocal, ProjectExpedition... any marketplace you see on the list excepting for Expedia, Viator, GetYourGuide, and Hotelbeds.

What does low-touch integration mean?

A low touch integration is a less sophisticated integration than the one we have with the big 4 we mentioned above. Characteristics are the same across all these marketplaces:

  • You will have to provide them with a Client ID and Secret that your account manager can create for you.
  • Activities and price categories shared are the same across all low-touch marketplaces. In order to check which activities you're sharing go to API & Connections > API, that list will be your menu.
  • Depending on the marketplace you will get different information on the guest: Name will always be there, you will get the email or phone depending on the marketplace), and all guests (if more than 1 in the basket) will appear with the same name as the paying user. 
  • We will always tell you from which marketplace the booking is coming, and we will include their external booking number within the very same basket. 
  • About payment information: we do not get from any of these marketplaces the payment method or the actual amount paid, we use our own prices to even the baskets out. With TrekkSoft you can easily follow the amount of basket and guests for these markets, but please in order to do accounting follow the numbers on the marketplace's accounting facilities. 
  • The market will download your activity information from TrekkSoft and embed it on their side. 
  • The whole mapping process will be handled on the marketplace's side. 
  • Sales will appear as always on all reports!
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