Understand the different schedule types: Voucher, Attraction/Trip, Rental

There are three types of schedules available on TrekkSoft. Each has a different function and rules and will determine how customers can book a trip with you. 


A schedule type that is not limited by capacities nor require a specific start date and time. The voucher schedule allows your customers to book their preferred date for when they would like to partake in an activity or rent something from you etc.

Used for:

  • Private or custom tours
  • Gift certificates
  • Transfers

Learn how to set up a Voucher Schedule here>>



The attraction/trip schedule is the most common one. It allows you to create set time slots for when you are having an activity or a tour. Your guests will be able to book your services for the set times you have decided.

Used for: 

  • Activities with preset schedules
  • Tours with preset schedules

Learn how to set up an Attraction/Trip Schedule here >>



A rental schedule should be used when you want to offer one or multiple time slots in one day or week.

Used by:

  • Rental companies

Learn how to set up a Rental Schedule here >>


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