Google creates NEW SSL certificate policy on Chrome browser


Google have announced a new initiative to punish websites which do not have SSL certificates. This will roll out in phases over the course of 2017 with the first being released on January 1st. 
This is a push from Google to make more websites implement encryption and to better protect end users. Google will start flagging plain HTTP connections as insecure in its Chrome browser.

Currently Chrome only warns Chrome users when they are accessing a HTTPS site which has faulty or misconfi­gured encryption. But did not have such a warning if sites opted to not have HTTPS at all (Just HTTP) Therefore TrekkSoft websites which are redirected using a CNAME were unaffected and end users were not given any warning on Google Chrome. However on January 1st this will change. On this date Google Chrome will start advising users that your website is not secure as you have not bought an SSL certificate. 

Below is an example showing what your site currently looks like on Google Chrome vs how it will appear after January the first once Google makes its updates.

Google Chrome is always gaining market share and current statistics show that up to 72% of desktop website visits come from a Google Chrome browser. With the next 3 biggest Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari not even making a combined 25%
Therefore it is of utmost importance to make your website marketable on Google Chrome's internet browser.

In response to this TrekkSoft has decided to offer a limited time bundle price for purchasing and installing SSL certificates onto your website for you.
To fully secure your site as per Google Chrome's definition there are 2 things necessary, to own an SSL certificate, and to install this SSL certificate onto our servers. 
If you have your own SSL certificate already and want us to install this certificate onto your TrekkSoft website the price to install it is $150 (Often to purchase your own SSL certificate which is compatible with TrekkSoft will cost between $100 to $300 just for the Certificate, so this is not recommended) 

For Current TrekkSoft customers we are offering an all in one service for only $199 which includes the price of the SSL certificate AND installing this onto our servers and your site. 

Purchase your SSL certificate now!

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