View and manage your bookings

Manage your Bookings with ease

TrekkSoft’s Dashboard and bookings overview help you stay on top of your bookings; while the basket details allow you to see and keep track of everything that has happened with the reservation. If a customer needs to cancel or reschedule a trip, you can do so by using the Cancel/Rebook feature. TrekkSoft allows you to submit full or partial refunds to your customers quickly and efficiently, let’s see it:


View & Manage your bookings

There is more than one place in TrekkSoft to manage your bookings:

  1. You have the main page of the admin page (Dashboard) where you can see the latest bookings that entered your account in the bar on the right side of the screen.
  2. In order to see all baskets go to Bookings> Overview. Once you’re there, hit on basket Details to see the referring Agent, PDF documents, payments, rebates, or any other relevant information that has to do with the booking.
  3. Lastly, we have the reporting section where you can get lists of bookings for the desired period.

Here some videos:

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