How to set up your property with the same room [price] types?


This article is aimed for those of you who own a property with only one type of rooms.

For the example, we've created here a Property with five double rooms.


First of all, go to Inventory -> Resources and configure X resources (X being the number of rooms you own), marked as Rooms; with the same capacity available per room.

We recommend you to differentiate the rooms in a way you can distinguish one from each other. In the example, we've decided to locate them within the house (upstairs, downstairs right/left, and so on...).

It is important to note that the Resources you want to use for Accommodation need to be marked as Exclusive, otherwise it will not be possible to allocate them to your properties. That's a prerequisite for our Accommodation solution at the moment. 

Once you've created the resources according to your needs, let's go to Inventory -> Accommodation. 


Click on Add New Property

The first thing you'll have to do, is pretty similar to what you've seen already when creating new Activities: fill up the Main Information. Select a title for your property, come up with a brief description and locate it on the map:


The second step is pretty similar to what we know already as well:

Fill up the highlights and the itinerary, which in this case can be rules of the house; and determining the booking options at the bottom of the page (Inquiry, Confirm/charge later, Inoperative with discount codes and eligibility for package discounts).


Now, let's go with the crucial part: limit the activity by resources.

On the resources table that you see in the following screenshot, look for the resources-rooms you created before. Make sure to add all of them, in order for them to appear on your front-end, for the final client to book.


Finally, when creating Schedules for this property we recommend to set the Seating to be Fixed, Number of Beds Occupied Per Guest to be (it's a double room) and limit the Price Category by Resources that you created (select all of them if they are indifferent). 


Once this is done, you have your Property set and ready for receiving booking from your clients. 



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