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Now, when your Resources and Properties are created in TrekkSoft system and you received your first bookings, it's high time to learn how to manage everything. For this purpose we created the Accommodation Overview under Schedule & Manifests.


Accommodation Overview is an intuitive, very visual recap of everything that's going on in your Property (Guesthouse, Hostel etc.). On this page you'll be able to see what Resources (Beds / Rooms) are already taken, which guests are coming in today, and who's checking out. 

When a guest arrives, you can just press the Check in button to register their arrival:


If you don't, the system will automatically check them in at the end of the day anyways. 

You can check all the guest related information upon clicking on the guest name. That action will take you to the Basket page where you will be able to see Booking and Guest Details. That being said, that's just the first iteration of Accommodation Overview and we will consistently keep on expanding this page.  

In order to check what is happening with your Property in the future, just select the date below Accommodation Overview, and analyse the day you are interested in.


Another tab Accommodation Overview section - Calendar - gives you an overview of all your Resources and Bookings. You will find a monthly calendar there with all the booked or blocked Resources (Beds / Rooms).  



Each resource shows if it's occupied in the moment and how many people there are. You can get more information hoovering over the reservation you want to check.



On the top of that, clicking on the reference numbers opens up a new window with Guest Manifest page for that booking. An example is shown on the screenshot below. 


On the first tab, you'll find an overview on the main information from the booking. 

From this view, you can either Export the information to your computer on PDF, os CSV; or even change the setting (Options) on how you want your information to be displayed:


If we move on to the next tab, Summary, you will find information in a more detailed way, including the start and ending date, the already occupied Resources, and the ones that are free, as well as the Price Category for this particular reservation:


What you can do in this page: 

  • Block: by pressing this button, you'll be cancelling the reservation
  • Edit remarks: adding notes to the reservation


  • Adjust Capacities: just as you have seen it before on the Activities, if you need to increase the capacity for your properties, you can do it directly from this page.


Finally, Notify Guests tab allows you to reach out directly to all the Guests from the Manifest via email. The last tab - Cancel Trip - gives you the option to either Rebook or Cancel Guests from that particular booking.

Now, once you know how to manage your Properties, you are ready to take bookings and make the best use of Accommodation feature. 





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