How to set up your property when selling beds [for hostels]?


Our Accommodation solution is also applicable for Hostels. We know that the customer in this case is looking for renting just a bed, or a bed per person, so we have adapted this example to show you how to set up as many beds as your hostel offers:

As always with Accommodation, we have to start by setting up the resources. This time, each bed will be a resource, occupied by one (or two) person, and marked as exclusive:



In order to create the Property, go to Inventory->Accommodation, and add a new property. When adding the resources, make sure to add the beds as separate resources, for them to be available for booking:



In order to set up prices for the different beds in the different rooms, let's create a Schedule for the Hostel we've already set up:



Remember to differentiate the beds and the rooms in a way you can distinguish which of them will have which price.

Lastly, let's take a look at how the front-end booking would go:



The price that will show first on the hotel will be the highest one that there can be, and once the customers have selected the dates, the actual price on each of the rooms will show.

If you need help managing your Accommodation, please go to this article.

We hope this article was useful for you! If not, don't hesitate contacting our Customer Support Centre.

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