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1. What's accommodation? How can I use it?  

Accommodation solution it's more an extension to our product than just a feature. It composes of several elements that together equip you with a powerful tool to help you manage your Accommodations / Properties, and be able to offer them to your clients.

You can find the tabs you'll be using for this under Inventory: Accommodation and Resources; and Schedule and Manifests: Accommodation Overview


In addition to the already existing TrekkSoft core system functions (such as Bookings, Manifests & Trip Lists, Reports, Website builder, ticketing) we are happy to deliver a tool that is capable of managing Properties like Guesthouses, Apartments, Hostels or Motels. 

Learn more about how to use it here:

2. Start with creating your Resources for Accommodation (Beds/Rooms)

When building your Property in TrekkSoft system make sure to start with the Resources (Beds / Rooms), as they need to be allocated to each new Accommodation type.

To do so, go to Inventory -> Resources and click on Add Resource button. Make sure to select capacity of your newly created Resource, as this number determines the maximum number of guests that can be allocated inside one Room (unless your Beds are resources, learn more here). Also make sure to check the option Exclusive (otherwise a Resource won't be recognised as suitable for Accommodation).


3. Create Accommodation and allocate previously created Resources to it

First of all, let's go to Accommodation, under Inventory and click on Add New Property button. As you can see, this step is almost the same as creating Activities. Fill in the required information and hit on Save.


The second step is also very similar to activities, setting the additional information. You can determine there whether you want your Accommodation to be active or not, write down Property Highlights and the Rules of Stay, decide if a Property can also take booking Inquiries or set a bit more advanced settings: Confirm/Charge Later, Inoperative with Discount Codes or Package Discounts


Under the Resources tab it's time to select the Beds / Rooms you want to allocate for this Property. 


Just add them to the column on the left side by clicking on the plus (+) icon.


In the next step, you can also add different Taxes that my apply, depending on your home country jurisdiction.


And finally, upload images of the Accommodation you're setting for your customers to see.


4. Create a Schedule for Accommodation

By Adding a Schedule to your Accommodation, you'll be setting the Checking-in and Checking out hours, as well as how often you want it to be displayed (Recurrence) on your website for people to book it, specify the Cut-off Time for your Property and add a minimum numbers of night per stay



5. Create Price Categories for Accommodation

Last but not least, determine prices (we call them Price Categories) for the stay that you are going to offer. In order to do that simply hit on the blue Add button inside the Price rectangle. 


Firstly, create a Name for your Price Category. Please bear in mind that this Name will be shown next to the price on the booking process so it is wise to come up with something related to the Price Category Type (ex.: Single Room, Double Room, 4 Beds Dormitory etc.).

Then, set the price you want this single room to have. 

It is also very important to differentiate between the Fixed or Variable Price for the following reasons: 

  • If you select Fixed Price you pay a price and a specified amount of Beds / Rooms get occupied.

For example: Price per bed, Price per room. 

  • Variable Price is typically a group seating where the customer specifies a number of seats and the price is multiplied this time.


Move onto the next tab to select how you want your customers to pay you for the stay:


Next, you can decide how many beds will be occupied per one guest booking (Available Number of Beds field). This field is especially relevant if you selected Fixed Price type before.

For example: if you want your guests to be able to book Rooms only then this number should specify the capacity of the room. For hostel use cases (beds) we recommend you not to change the default value of 1 (booking per bed). 


The reselling tab is very similar to the Channel Manager you already may know from the activities. You'll be able to display you accommodations on the reseller's website. If you specify a reseller price, you will not have to pay a commission to the partner but instead you will receive the full amount you specify here, no matter what the actual selling price will be.


On the next step select the way customer data to be collected through Custom Fields.


Lastly, choose whether the Price Category will use all the accommodation Resources (for example when you are selling only one Bed / Room type, with the same price) or will be limited by the Resource (For example: Room A - downstairs - when your Accommodation has different Bed / Room types with different pricing). 


Finally, your accommodation resources are set, it's time to go to your website and check it out! Once you receive some bookings, click here to learn more how to manage your accommodations. 


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