Get TrekkSoft to map your domain for you

With this option TrekkSoft can map you domain for you if you are not sure of how to change the DNS settings of your domain registrar yourself. If you would prefer map the domain yourself then check out our documentation on that here.

You can always reach out to your integration specialist or account manager with any further questions on mapping your domain.



Please fill out the form below to get TrekkSoft to map your domain. 


Your email address

Your TrekkSoft domain
Usually in the form of
The domains you wish to map to your TrekkSoft website (Including Sub domain)
Usually in the form of
URL to log into your Domain registrar
GoDaddy, 1&1, etc
Username to log into your Domain Registrar
The username can be an email address or a 9 digit number if you use GoDaddy
Password to log into your domain registrar
We strongly recommend changing your password once we have completed domain mapping
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