12th Of May 2016 - Activities as Addons, Continue Shopping Button, Pre-/Post-Trip SMS Notifications, Google Structured Data for CMS pages, PayU LATAM Payment Gateway, Customized Buttons for Armonia theme and Capacity improvements

The last two weeks were a bit crazy for us and TrekkSoft development process has reached its record high pace. That is why, we would like to share with you the most interesting things that have been released in the last few days.

Please bear in mind that some of that stuff has arrived a few days ago already and we are aiming to sum up the biggest changes in this documentation now. 

Vouchers as Addons

That’s an important addition to TrekkSoft platform and we are very proud of it. Previous Addons functionality allowed your customers to add Single-Item Addons (like hoodies, mugs, souvenirs etc.) or Guest-Bound Addons (photo packages or travel insurance for instance) to the cart during the booking process and purchase everything in one transaction. From now onwards you can also upsell Vouchers for your Activities through the Addon feature and they will pop up during the booking process. That’s a great way of pushing your customers to buy more than one of your activities or to activate less popular once for instance.

More information on how to set it up here.


Continue Shopping button

That's another feature improving the booking process and influencing your customer journey. Continue shopping button also allows you to upsell your activities by giving the option to leave the booking process and add additional trips to the basket once the items are saved in the cart. 

Don't worry about the customers complaining about the items from the baskets being gone. We store these long enough, giving the time for your customers to click through the website and purchase more. 

We believe that Continue Shopping option together with Activities as Addons will influence your sales statistics and lead to the increased value of the average basket.

Please see below where to find Continue Shopping button during the booking process. 


Pre-/Post-Trip SMS Notifications (beta)

We are very glad to launch this feature allowing you to interact with your guests via text messages. Pre-/Post-Trip SMS Notifications basically mirror current Pre-/Post-Trip Email Reminders with the only difference that they aim to engage with the guests via mobile devices. 

How to use that? 

Just think of the reminders being sent to your guests the day before the trip or text messages asking your guests to rate the trip on social media or your tripadvisor site. Use cases are limitless and depend solely on your imagination. 

Note that this is still beta version feature so if you want to determine Pre-/Post-Trip SMS Notifications to certain activities only you have to add Custom Fields to collect phone numbers during the booking process of those activities. Bear in mind that Pre-/Post-Trip SMS Notifications are only available for Professional or higher plans.

For more info please check out the complete documentation about SMS Notifications here

Google Structured Data for CMS Pages

This improvement is a bit hacky yet may have a big impact on how well your CMS website is positioned. Google Structured Data is a standard way to annotate your content so machines can understand it. When your web pages include structured data markup, Google (and other search engines) can use that data to index your content better, present it more prominently in search results, and surface it in new experiences like voice answers, maps, and Google Now.

As here at TrekkSoft we aim to continuously improve our software and follow latest trends, this improvement is a must. For you it basically means that your website built in TrekkSoft CMS is more visible for the potential customers, therefore we help you with better online marketing. 

Learn more about Google Structured Data here.

PayU LATAM - new 3rd Party Payment Gateway

Listening to the voice of our customers has always been crucial for TrekkSoft and that is why we are introducing PayU LATAM as the latest 3rd party payment gateway available on our platform. We want to let our LATAM customers grow and have more flexibility when processing payments and that was the reason why we decided to integrate this payment gateway. Although PayU solution does not cover up all of the countries from the LATAM region yet (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Panama, Peru and Mexico at the moment), it's still by far the most versatile solution in South and Central America to process online payments. More information about PayU Latam here.

Note that charge later feature is not compatible with this payment gateway.


Customize Button Colors for Armonia Theme

This one was rather a smaller feature to improve functionality of Armonia theme. Having that said, you can now set Button Colors for this theme without changing the Main Theme Colors. Simple yet useful change for all Armonia users out there. 


Capacity Improvements

In the last few days we had the whole bunch of improvements (and some bugs as well, unfortunately) regarding Trip Availabilities, Capacities and Occupancies. I can assure you that as of today every single number is up to date on the TrekkSoft platform. This improvement was in fact very difficult for our development team and we spent some late evening hours polishing it.

One more tiny change that you may have realised is the resources icon seen on the Manifests & Trip Lists, Dashboard Overview and on the Booking Desk. That's basically the indicator for the trips which are limited by resources. We hope you'll find it useful.




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