How to enable a Cookies Policy alert on your website?

The Cookie Law is a piece of privacy legislation that requires websites to get consent from visitors to store or retrieve any information on a computer, smartphone or tablet. 

Depending on a country, you might be required by law to inform your website visitors about how information about them is stored and used online, and give them a choice to opt-out if they don't wish that.  

This manual aims to show you how to enable Cookies Policy alert on your website without a help of a developer. You are only a few steps away from having it implemented on your page. 


First of all, it is important to know that only customers with plans that have access to the theme editor (can overwrite theme files) are able to do that by themselves. This feature is currently enabled for Professional and Enterprise plans (and for past ProConnect, ProMarketer). 

Please note that in the light of GDPR requirements we temporarily enabled the feature for all TrekkSoft plans.

How to generate cookies consent?

Search for Cookies Policy generator in your browser and look for the tool that suits your needs. Here at TrekkSoft we can recommend the following site:

Choose the position

Banner bottom, Floating left or Floating right usually looks the best with the pages built using our Website Builder. If you have your own custom domain you’re free to choose position type that suits your design.


Customize the layout, palette and choose what URL should Read More button point to

That should be your Privacy Policy website. You can use one of the online tools like: if you don’t have one yet.




Select compliance type

You have 3 types of compliance you can choose from:

You can let your website visitors opt into cookies (please note this is an advanced action and needs to be done with the callback hook)


Personalise your cookies message and buttons

Define what will be stated on the cookies banner. You can also overwrite default button labels.


Copy cookies code snippet

Copy the code you just generated for cookies policy by hitting on the button.


How to add cookies code to my website?

  • Go to to your Admin Desk, hit on the Design and Pages tab and then Themes. Next, click on the HTML/CSS Editor button.

  • Click on All files, go to HTML Templates folder and hit on the layout.liquid file. Finally find a </head> tag and paste the snippet code you generated at just before it.


Now go to your website and you should be able to see a Cookies Policy alert. As an example see one of our merchant's homepage with such an alert implemented below. 


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