22nd March 2016 - Phone numbers and SMS guest notification

With this release you finally can capture the phone numbers of your guests and then send them text (SMS) messages directly or over the guest manifest if something changes on the trip.

We introduced a new custom field type Phonenumber and if you select this type when you either add a guest or a user custom field it will make sure that you capture a valid international phone number.

Go to Design & Pages > Custom Fields and click Add Field and select the type Phone:

If you then save this field it will show during the booking process with a field so the customer can select his country and enter their valid phone number

When you now have captured your guests phone numbers you have the possibility to send each individual guest a text message or you can inform the full guest manifest.

On the guest manifest view of a specific trip you can click on Choose Action for a specific guest and then select Send SMS

A popup will appear where you can enter your text message and click Notify Guest and the text message will be sent. Currently we do not save the delivery notifications.

If you wish to inform all the guests of a guest manifest you can click on Notify Guests 

And then select the tab SMS and enter your text message and click Send SMS.

All guests with a valid phone numbers would get informed in this case.


  • If you have not captured or saved a guest phone number we will try to get the user phone number who made the booking if you have captured it.
  • If a guest has made multiple bookings with the same phone number we will only send each notification once.
  • Currently we don't charge for text messages but depending on the usages we might add a text message charge for it.
  • You have access with the professional subscription to this feature.
  • We use the Contact Phone as the senders phone number, so please make sure that this number can receive text messages


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