Agents accounting

If your business partner doesn’t have their own TrekkSoft system but either uses an agent code provided by you or his own login so he can resell your activities than you can balance his account through the agent accounting.

The Agents accounting shows you how many bookings an agent referred to you, how many he actually sold and what money he took in.

The commission for Agents are calculated based on the value date (trip departure date), so if a trip is sold in January for June then the commission would apply in June, as the guest could be refunded or rebooked before that.

If an agent can take bookings for you and take the payment directly from the customer then they owe you immediately that money as this is not calculated based on the departure date but based on the booking date.

Example: If an agent sells in January two tickets, one in January and one in June then the agent gets the commission for the january trip right away but the commission for the june trip in June. The money he took for both trips is owed in january.

Agents Overview

In this overview you can select a year and see all agents that are referred on a basket that has a value date of that year. So if an agent is inactive for a year he would not appear anymore in that years list.

By clicking on Generate invoice, you'll see a pop up window that will allow you to generate invoices for a whole month, by selecting a year and a month, a PDF with all the receipts for that month will be generated and queued in your PDF documents.


Agent Detail View

When you click on a specific agent (Details button) and see his overview you can see the balance for each month where there are bookings. For simplicity the screenshot below contains only one month - April.


Agents Monthly View

On the view for a specific month (hit on the Details button of the month you want to analyse) you can see the actual accounting and bookings for this month. On the summary page you see all the aggregated numbers and how much is owed to whom.

We always show two balances so you can invoice the agent for the money owed to you (if he took payments) and the balance for the agent that he has to invoice to you (if he earned commission).

On the left side you see the money that was taken in by the agent and is owed to you. On the right side you see the balance of the agent with all his commission he earned for this month and the balance below.


On top you have the different tabs that list the actual booking items or baskets so you can explain each number on the summary page. Remember all the guests (Guests tab) show up here if they are booked in a basket that has you this agent set. If the basket is not allocated to this agent then the guests do not show up, even if the agent took the money.


On the Customer Payments tab you see all the baskets and total payments that went to that agent and that he owes you in full. As our system doesn’t link guests/tickets and payments we cannot deduct the commission from the payment. The basket and payments show up in this list if for at least one payment this agent is set as the treasurer independent what items are in the that basket.


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