Use Addons if you want to upsell extras during your checkout process. TrekkSoft supports three different types of Addons:

  • Single-Item Addons (ex. t-shirt, coffee mug, souvenir etc.)
  • Guest-Bound Addons (ex. photo package, travel insurance, lunch option etc.)
  • Gift Certificates (ex. adventure pass gift code worth € 100.00, gift code for boat trip)

If used smartly, addons can easily help to ramp up your store sales, sell additional trip services or  sell vouchers that can be redeemed at later date. That’s a great strategy to make your average basket price higher with minimal effort.

How to create an addon?

Go to your Admin Desk and hit on the Addons tab under Activities. Click on the Addon button and choose your preferred addon type. 




Customise your Addon by filling in the following:

  •  Info section (Title, Description, Is active?)



  • Options (Amount - how much is the gift certificate worth and Expiration Date - until when is the gift certificate valid for). You can also limit your addons to specific Activities, Addons and Shop Items. That means the gift certificate can be redeemed for those allocated items only (be default addon is available for all activities, addons and shop items). 




  • Prices (Price, Down Payment)



  • Files (upload a nice teaser image for your gift code)



  • Taxes (choose which taxes are applied for that gift certificate)



Hit on Save button and finally your Addon is now created. Good job!

Allocate Addon to Activities 

The next option you will see after saving your Addon is allocating it to activities (now you're probably asking yourself: Wait a minute. I just limited my addon to activities, why I need to allocate it to activities?)

The difference between limiting Addons to Activities and Allocating Addons to Activities is that the first one activates activities that can be redeemed with this addon, whereas the second one selects activities for which the addon will show up on the checkout process. In the example below I allocated my Addon to "5 days cusco" activity. 



Now you can finally upsell your addon on the checkout process of "5 days cusco" activity (step 3 Add-Ons, see below). 




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