10th Of May 2016 - Customize Voucher for Gift Certificate

That’s an important addition to TrekkSoft platform and we are very proud of it. Previous Addons functionality allowed your customers to add Single-Item Addons (like hoodies, mugs, souvenirs etc.) or Guest-Bound Addons (photo packages or travel insurance for instance) to the cart during the booking process and purchase everything in one transaction. From now onwards you can also upsell your Activities through the Addon feature and they will pop up during the booking process. That’s a great way of pushing your customers to buy more than one of your activities or to activate less popular once for instance.

How to upsell my activities?

Go to your Admin Desk and hit on the Addons tab under Activities. Click on the Add-on button and choose Gift Certificate option.


Allocate the Add-on to at least one of your activities and customize it. You can also customize a Receipt for this Addon or just use one of the Voucher templates.



Now you should be able to see the newly created Addon on the Addons List. Make a sample booking of the activity that you allocated the Addon to and you will see the Choose Add-ons button and you will be able to add this Activity Voucher to the booking cart. 



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