27th of April 2016 - Reports follow-ups

Over a month ago we introduced a completely new Reports section, allowing you to get valuable insights about revenues and cost structure (Sales, TurnoverCash Flow and Trekksoft tabs), Inventory usage and Vouchers distribution, as well as to keep track of your partner network (Agents and Partners).

One of the most important values here at TrekkSoft is to listen to the voice of our customers and to drive the product based on you and the needs of your business. That is why, after the release of the new Reports we have been collecting feedback and now we are coming up with a couple of follow-ups that will make the usage of Reports section even better. Below here's what's new with this release:

Booking Type filter option: 

Sales/Turnover reporting has a new option now to filter data based on Booking Type (Online of Offline Bookings, Online Bookings or Offline Bookings). That is especially useful for seeing what's the percentage of your sales done through online vs. offline channels. To access this filter just follow the steps on the screenshots below.


Customizable form Presets:

This new filter option enables you to load and save form Presets per user and apply it for the Sales and Turnover reports. That might be especially useful when you need to filter out the same set of data from time to time so you don't have to go through all the filter options again. Below you will find the screenshots explaining how to access, save and delete them.


KPI Overview for the Turnover:

Our old reporting contained a Yearly Turnover Overview that many of you were missing when we introduced a new version of the Reports section. Great news is this feature is back. The only difference is that the KPI Overview (a new name for Yearly Turnover Overview) is even more useful now. It allows you to effortlessly compare the months over the years and we decided to add three new columns: # Guests (participated), # Occupied Seats (participated guests) and # Baskets, which we find very useful, especially in conjunction with filters. See below where to find KPI Overview.


Filters no longer expanded as a default

Another recurring feedback was to hide filters since filter space took a considerable amount of space and one had to scroll down to actually see some data. Therefore, we only show the date filter as a default now and in order to access more filtering options you need to hit on the Show Filters button. That change applies to Sales, Turnover and Cash Flow tabs.


Remaining follow-ups 

  • Column sorting is now possible in the Agents Accounting section 
  • Filtering of the Turnover/Sales reports saved by user
  • Occupancy filter sums up now
  • Graph data polishing

Thanks to your input, Reports changes make this section even more useful. Nevertheless, don't hesitate to help us improve the product even more. 

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