21st April 2016 - Additional Column for Turnover/Sales Reports, Voucher Import with the Same Functionality as the Discount Import and Ordering of Resources Gets Saved Bug Fixed

Our latest release has brought some new things for Trekksoft users and thereby we would like to briefly explain the most important changes for you.

It's been already one month since we introduced the new Reports in the Admin Desk and we are constantly improving that section being driven by the continuous improvement approach. Therefore, we decided to add the new Column for Turnover & Sales Reports labelled Participation Status, enabling you to see which of your guests Cancelled, Participating or Rebooked the trip. 

Go to Reports -> Sales (or Turnover) -> Data View and click on Participation Status dropdown to filter your guests. 


Furthermore, we now enable you to import Vouchers in the same way as Discount importing works. 

Just go to Promotion -> Discounts/Vouchers -> go to Vouchers -> click on Import Vouchers button and there you will be able to Upload a .CSV file.

Please bear in mind that the file needs to follow a certain format (The first column holds the codes, second column holds the amounts and third column holds maximum usage quantity of the vouchers codes. Optionally you can use fourth column to limit vouchers code usage to the specific activities). 


Finally, our development team managed to rapidly deliver a couple of quick fixes, among which the Resources Order bug might have been quite annoying. The problem was that the order was not saved in the order that you listed but the quick intervention by our development team solved that issues already. Sorry for that temporary inconvenience. 




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