16th February 2016 - Guest Manifest Improved

We redesigned our guest manifest based on many feedbacks and inputs we got from you. This should help you to manage your guests and resources even better.

New design for guest manifests

We've updated the design of the guest manifest and tried to group it better on the different tabs so you can focus on the information you want to look.

Guest lists columns can be selected

Each merchant can now select and order the columns for the guest manifest. This selection gets saved for the merchant.

Guests can be grouped


You can group the guest list by guests (default), baskets and resources. That allows you to see who booked with whom and allows an easy way to see which resources are selected.

Filter and sorting of the guest list


The new list / table allows you to filter and sort by each column which gives you more flexibility to show and export your guest manifest.


Export selected guests

You can export the full list as a CSV or a PDF or you can select specific ranges and groups and export it.


Next steps

We're releasing the next version of our resource manager within the next days and will keep improving the system.

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