19th February 2016 - Resource management extended for price categories

To extend the functionality of our existing resource manager we allow now that resources can be allocated to specific price categories.

Allocate resources to price categories

If you have the feature enabled (ProConnect or higher) then you have a new tab in the price category form Resources where you can select the resources from your existing list. You can select any resources no matter if the activity already has resources allocated or not.

How do resources get assigned then?

There are now different possibilities how resources get allocated:

  • If a price category has resources allocated the system checks if such a resource is available, if not the price category is not bookable (so there is no fallback to "general" resources of the activity in case of unavailability)
  • If a price category has no resources allocated but the activity has resources allocated it will allocate a guest on one of those price categories. If there are no available resources those price categories will not display.

For the calculation of the available capacity we look if the activity, the trip or the price category has capacity limitations and additionally if allocated resources are available or not and the lowest number will be considered.

What are possible use cases for this feature?

There are different use cases how you can apply this feature.

  • If you have different resources like children vehicles or boats and adult vehicle or boats and they are not compatible with each other then you can allocate those resources directly with the price category.
  • Or if you have a ferry that can transport cars and passengers then you can create two resources, one of the passengers and one for the cars and then allocate those to specific price categories "Passengers" or "Cars" and you even could create different price categories for the car sizes and occupy more spaces (like a bus takes 3 times a car space and therefore occupies 3 places).

Next steps

We will improve the way we show the available capacities in the schedule overview and will work on more improvements for the resource manager to allow more complex use cases.

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