Google Analytics, AdWords y Google+

Puede hacer un seguimiento del tráfico en sus páginas TrekkSoft por conectar sus cuentas a Google. Además del seguimiento de Google Analytics, también puede conectar su cuenta de AdWords para mantener sus tasas de conversión exacta. Si tiene un perfil de Google +, que debe entrar en él en esta página también.


Perfil Google+ 
Enter your Google+ profile ID to have the Social Media button appear on the top your TrekkSoft page, next to the Twitter and Facebook buttons.

Google Analytics
TrekkSoft's software will automatically insert your Google Analytics tracking code for you on each of your TrekkSoft pages.

Connecting With Google

To connect your Google accounts to TrekkSoft, visit the Apps > Google section on the top navigation bar. This will take you to the Google page.

Google+ Profile

To link to your Google+ profile, and have the Google+ icon appear on your TrekkSoft page, simply enter your Google+ Profile ID. To find your profile ID number, go to your own page by clicking this link and look at the URL in the address bar. The number that comes after  is your profile ID, and can be pasted into TrekkSoft's profile ID field. 

Google Analytics

From your Google Analytics dashboard, click on the Admin option on the top menu bar. From there, select the appropriate tracking property in the centre column, and then click onTracking Info > Tracking Code. The tracking code should have two letters followed by a series of numbers (i.e. UA-xxxxxxxx-x). This code can then be copied and pasted into the Analytics Tracking Code field on the TreffSoft's setup page.



Google AdWords Conversion Goals

This is similar to Google Analytics and is not necessary for most users. This is an advanced feature. First, you must set up conversion tracking on your Google Adwords account. To do so, see Setting up Conversion Tracking in Google's support section. Once you have set up your tracking, you need to add the appropriate information into the  section on your Trekksoft website. 
This is located under Settings>Checkout, taxes & Fees


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