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Creating a schedule allows you to offer day/time slots for customers to book your activities. Schedules are generated by creating a series of rules which reflect your scheduling preferences and maximum capacities. Without a schedule, an activity cannot be booked by your customers.

Select Schedule > Add Schedule 

There are three schedule types, Voucher (See Scheduling Rules - Voucher), Attraction/Trip (See Creating Scheduling Rules) and Rental - these determine the behaviour of your scheduling and the maximum capacity of an activity.


A rental is a type of schedule that permits customers to book an activity for one or multiple time slots of a day or week. Examples: Ski Rental, Bicycle Rental.

After selecting a schedule type, you will find many different scheduling rules, complete each section based on the rules applicable to your activity. 



Date & Time

Date: The date indicating when guests are able to start booking the activity (the start of your season).

Opening Time: Time when the first rental can be made (the opening time of your business). 

Hours in operation: The time your shop will be opened, so the maximum rental time for a daylight rental.

Duration: The minimum rental period of the activity. When booking, the price categories will be multiplied by the time slot(s) (See Booking Process below).

Repeat the rental

In this section you can determine which days of the week the activity will be happening. You can set too the end date of this schedule:



Cut-off Time: Defines how many minutes before start time booking is allowed. For example, a cut-off time of 60 minutes will close booking at 2 PM if the start time is 3 PM.

Can be booked after the start time? This option grants you the possibility of booking an activity that has already started. 

Booking Procedure Example



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