How to create Rental Schedules

A rental schedule is perfect for businesses that rent out equipment, bicycles, boats and so on. For tour or activity operators who want to make a little extra cash on the side, renting out your spare equipment could be a good idea for you.

There are 5 steps to creating a Rental Schedule. Let’s get started.


STEP 1: Go to “Schedule & Prices”

After creating an Activity, you’ll have access to “Schedule & Prices”. Click on this tab and then select “Add Schedule”.


STEP 2: Choose a Schedule type

Since we’ll be focusing on Rental Schedules, go ahead and select “Add Rental”.



STEP 3: Add details to the schedule

In the first tab, you’ll be asked to fill out General details about the schedule.



Name & Tagline

Give your schedule a name and a special tagline. The name is for internal use and the special tagline will be shown to your guest when they are booking the activity.



Enter the maximum number of people you can take on each trip. Once the trip’s capacity is reached, the system will no longer accept bookings for this timeslot.

Click on the green Next button to move on to the next tab. Here, set Date & Time for your trip or attraction.


Date, time and duration

  • Date - Set a date for when you want this schedule to start.
  • Opening time - Let customers know what time they can start renting equipment from you.
  • Hours in operation - Let customers know how long you’re open for each day so they know the cut-off time for returning their rental.
  • Duration - These are the Time Slots, so the minimum time an item can be rented for. An "every hour" schedule will generate a rental that can be booked for one hour at a time, select “All Day” for multi-day rentals.


Repeat this rental

  • Repeat on - Tick the boxes for the days you rent out your equipment. If you plan to rent equipment on a daily basis, click on “Select All”.
  • Repeat until - Specify which date you would like your rental schedule to expire. Once this date has passed, this schedule will be inactive. This is useful for when you need to adjust your rental schedule and prices according to seasonality. You can reactivate the schedule again by clicking the “Past” tab on your schedule dashboard, clone the expired schedule and change the date and time for active dates.


STEP 4: Activate your schedule 

Once you’re done in this tab, click on Next to head on to Advanced Settings.



  • Check the schedule as active. If not, customers will not be able to book the trip.
  • Cut-off Time (in minutes) - This determines when you stop accepting bookings for a trip. Let’s say you have a cut-off-time of 60 minutes for a trip that starts at 3pm, this means that customers will no longer be able to make bookings after 2pm.
  • Can be booked after start time? - Check this box if you allow your customers to book this trip after the trip has started. This is useful if you want to accept last-minute guests.


STEP 5: Save

Once you've completed these fields, your schedule is done. Click Save.


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