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If you are using TrekkSoft to create a website, you can create additional pages with custom content. 

To go to the Content Management System (CMS) go to Design and Pages > Pages on the top navigation bar.

Click on the Add Page button.

This will take you to the Create New Form.

There are a lot of options to choose from when creating a page, including SEO features and page templates.

Page Properties 

Page Title - This title is shown on the browser title bar and will appear on search engines, so use disruptive words to explain this page. 
Navigation Title - This title will appear on the website navigation and needs to be short and clear.
URL - The URL is the link where your page is reachable. It should reflect the position within the navigation page tree like /subcategory/pageurl. All urls are prepending by the language parameters (/en,/es,/de etc). The root url (/) is reserved for the homepage and must always exist otherwise a homepage will automatically be created.


Page Layout - This is the general layout of your page, and the way that your page's elements will be structured. 

As a second tab option you could select a given template but that will limit you possibilities so we do not recommend it. Make sure that the "No Template" option selected

Additional Options 

The additional options are not required and allow advanced users to set search engine optimisation tags.

Is Active - If this page is available for customers to view.
Keywords - Keywords that relate to the page, separated by commas (i.e. surfing,Hawaii,surf tours,tours). This list of words will be given to search engines and will help you rank higher for the words and phrases that you prefer. 
Description - This is a short description that will also appear as search engine summaries of your page. For best performance, you should try to use one or two keywords in this description as well.

Click Save page to save your progress.

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