Creating Inquries

The activity inquiry feature allows customers to inquire about a specific activity that does not adhere to a set schedule. Once the inquiry has been sent to the merchant, he/she will have he ability to review the inquiry. If accepted, a custom activity booking can be made allowing the merchant to create a specific voucher, attraction or trip that has no preassigned schedule behind it.


In order to create an inquirable activity, first create an activity and then follow the instructions below:

Within each activity, under Additional Information/Settings 

activate the Inquiry option:


Once this option has been activated, an inquiry button will appear on the activity page. Your customers will now be able to send you booking inquiries. 

Customers will be prompted to complete the booking inquiry form. The user fields present on the form can be altered by the merchant.


After completion of the form, the merchant will receive an email. This inquiry will be listed in the admin desk under bookings > inquiries. 


The merchant can now contact the customer directly and create a custom activity booking.



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    Alexander JE Bradley

    "Creating Inquries & Private/Custom Tours" only mentions the word Private once... and that is in the title. So not that helpful.

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