19th October 2015 - Calendar syncing for Google Calendar and others

Today we are happy to announce we released the calendar syncing feature. This allows every user of a merchant to sync all trips and the guest manifests with their favourite calendar.

How to sync with my calendar

On your admin desk under Schedule Calendar you find a new button Calendar Sync:

When you click Calendar Sync a popup opens and the first time you need connect your account with your calendar and authorize TrekkSoft/Cronofy (the service we use to sync the calendar) to access your calendar, otherwise we are not able to insert the trips and guest manifests to your calendar:

 You can select your calendar of choice and then you need to allow Cronofy to get access to your calendar. These steps can vary depending on the calendar you use:

Once you gave our system access to your calendar you get redirected back to your TrekkSoft account and now you need to define what exactly should get synced.

You have some options here to select what exactly should get synced:

  • All trips including all the ones that don't have bookings
  • Only the trips that actually have a booking (soon)
  • Only the trips that have bookings of a specific resource (soon)

You can always revoke access to your calendar and remove the syncing job:

Once the syncing job is setup successfully you see a confirmation message.

It can take up to 15 minutes until we have synced all our trips to your calendar.

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