15th October 2015 - Custom inquiries and booking with invoicing

Today we released some new features:

  • Custom activity bookings which allow you to create a specific voucher, attraction or trip that has no schedule behind it.
  • Inquiries which allows customers to inquire about a specific activity that has no normal schedule offered
  • Payment links that allow merchants to ask for a specific downpayment or full payment of a basket and the customer can click on the link and pay it

Inquiries for an activity

Merchants can activate the option for each activity if this activity can be inquired by customers

When you activate this option for each activity an inquiry button will appear

With this option your customers can send you an inquiry for this activity and fill out all custom user fields so if you need specific information just set those fields up for the custom user fields

If the customer fills this form and sends the inquiry an email will be sent to the merchant and this inquiry will be listed in the admin under bookings > inquiries

Here the merchant can send a custom activity booking for this customer. This allows you to contact the customer and get custom inquiries.


Custom activities booking

If you have irregular schedules or just want to create a special booking for your customers than you can create this now within your booking desk.

There is a new permission for the agents thats required otherwise you don't have this option. By default this option is disabled so you have to add it to your agents. Under Promotion > Resellers & Agents > Edit Agent you can add this permission

Once this is done you see new options within the booking desk to create a custom booking for each activity therefore on each activity you can click now "Create a custom booking"

Then you have to select what kind of activity you want to book if it's linked with a specific date or time or just a free sale voucher:

If you choose Attraction/Trip then you have to specify the details

And then you can add your guests and you need to specify all information within your price categories as you have no defined price category for this custom booking.

When you then finish the booking you can either just book it as paid or make a reservation and send your customer a unique invoicing/payment link


Payment links

If you have a basket with a reservation (no payments yet) or outstanding payments then you can generate a payment link for your customer which you can send them on your own or through our system as an invoice. This allows you to invoice your customers if they want to book a custom tour for example and therefore allows you to have some kind of custom tours or hidden tours that are not available for the public to book.

Go to the basket and under add payments click the link "Create payment link for this basket"

In the popup you have the possibility to choose the amount the customer needs to pay, by default we fill in the basket balance and you can select if you just want to generate a url which you can send to the customer or if an email should be sent directly to the customer from within our system

If you choose to send the link on your own just do not check the email option and you will get a unique url that allows the customer to click on it and land on the checkout and pay this outstanding payment.

Remember when the customers pay online they do not get send the tickets directly you need to send them those manually as we don't know what activities from the baskets are paid or not.


Small Features

Link to more documentation in the header


If you have any additional questions don't hesitate to contact us.


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