5th November 2015 - Confirm and charge later feature

Today we are happy to announce the release of the new feature "Confirm & Charge Later" that allows merchant to confirm or cancel a booking request before the credit card of the customer gets charged. This helps especially companies who can't offer live availability and want to have the chance to review a booking request before approval.

How to activate this feature

On the activity form in the additional information tab there is a new checkbox option and if this option is activated all bookings for this activity would require a manual confirmation by the activity provider. It is not possible to mix real time bookings and confirm & charge later bookings within the same activity.

How does the booking process change

During the booking process nothing changes except on the checkout the customer sees a clear information that his credit card won't be charged immediately until the activity provider confirms his booking request but the amount will be authorized until then.

One restriction though is implemented. The customer can only book one activity with this confirm & charge later option activated at the time because of the limitations of credit card payments. So package discounts or baskets with multiple activities and items with such an activity is not possible. But normal bookings with multiple activities that can be confirmed immediately ist still possible.

When the customer books such an activity he will receive a reservation email with the information that his booking request will be answered within 48 hours. Once the booking is confirmed his card will be charged with the authorized amount and the tickets will be sent to the customer.

The reservation email can be customized by the merchant under Design & Pages > Templates:

How does a merchant respond to a booking request

The merchant will get a booking notification by email or sms depending on his settings for each booking request. He will need to login to his admin account and confirm the booking on the website (this functionality is not available yet on the mobile backend app).

On the Bookings > Overview there is a new tab Open Confirmations where all those booking requests are listed.

When clicking on Details you can see on the very top the possibility to either Confirm or Cancel this booking.

If you press Confirm booking the credit card of the customer would be charged immediately and the tickets including receipt would be send to the customer.

If you press Cancel the authorization on the credit card for this amount would be released and the guest cancelled so his space would not be occupied anymore. No charge would happen whatsoever.



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