Yield Management

Yield Managment is a pricing strategy which allows users to set a structure for each price category based on the number of seats available for purchase. 

In order to set up a yield management structure first, create a schedule and add a price category. Then, select the price category on which you would like to create a yield strategy:

Complete the From Seat... to Seat... fields, insert the Price for each range and select Add Special Price. Repeat this process for each price category that requires a yield management structure. 

Booking Procedure Example

The 1st customer to purchase a seat will pay EURO 50, the 2nd - 4th EURO 45, the 5th person EURO 40 and so on. 

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    Neil Joseph Woerner

    Hi! Is there any way to use Yield Management over all bookings for a specific schedule for an activity- rather than by individual purchase? For example... The first single person to book the activity for that particular schedule, pays 100. If 2 book, the price per person comes down to 80. If, by the cut-off time is reached, 10 people booked, then the price for EACH PERSON having already booked is only 40? After the cutoff time is reached, all customers are charged the same price of 40/person? This would require an extension of the confirm and pay later option... as the price is variable until the booking closes for that activity. Hope I was clear enough. I have seen some activity providers vary the price for lower numbers rather than setting a minimum number of pax required for a trip to take place. Thanks!

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