Exclusive/Private Price Category

Exclusive/Private price feature denotes a price category which permits a private activity to be booked exclusively. When a customer books this price category, the trip will no longer be available at any other price. The same is true for the reverse; if any other price categories are booked on this trip, the exclusive price category will no longer be available.

In order to add the exclusive/private price category, first create a schedule. Once your schedule has been defined, create a price category by selecting Add and complete all the required information (for a more detailed explanation on adding price categories go here).

The exclusive/private price feature can be found under the Capacity tab. 

This is the perfect solution for activities that allow individual bookings as well as private tours. Once the exclusive/private price category is selected, individuals will no longer have the option to join the trip.

What's Next?

  • If you're an advanced user and want to use yield management for special pricing, use a downpayment option or translate tours etc. then check out our Advanced Management and Advanced Features pages.
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