How to generate payment links to collect outstanding payments

If the client has a reservation-like basket item (not paid for yet) or outstanding basket, a payment link can be generated in order to send the invoice to the merchant’s guest. This link can either be sent personally by the merchant or through Trekksoft system as an email.

In this article, we will explain how payment links are being generated.

To start, go to the Basket Details View for the relevant booking. To get there, head to Bookings > Overview from the left navigation menu. Search for the relevant basket and click on Details.

From here, there are two ways to generate a payment link.

1. In the middle section of the Basket Details View, if you see Change the buyer to add and send payment link, click on Change Buyer. Fill in the form in the pop-up form to make the necessary changes.


Once this is done, a blue button saying Create payment link for this basket will appear. Click on it to proceed.

 2. If the buyer of the basket is not an internal user, on the top of the basket you’ll see a blue button, “Create payment link for this basket”, when clicking it you’ll get a pop-up window where you can:

  • Choose the amount the customer needs to pay
  • Choose the way the seller wants to send the payment link to the customer

In order to send it through the system, you should click on the checkbox “Send email to customer”

If you want to copy the payment link and paste it elsewhere, you can just click on “Generate link”, without checking the email to customer box.


NOTE: This feature is only available when using the Trekksoft Payment Gateway.

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