Managing reservations and generating payment links

If the client has a reservation-like basket item (not paid for yet) or outstanding payments, a payment link can be generated in order to send the invoice to the merchant’s guest. This link can either be sent personally by the merchant or through Trekksoft system as an email.

In order to get this link, go to Admin Desk -> Bookings -> Overview and select the basket that you want to generate the payment link for.

On the top of the basket you’ll see a blue button, “Create payment link for this basket”, when clicking it you’ll get a pop up window where you can:

  • Choose the amount the customer needs to pay
  • Choose the way the seller wants to send the payment link to the customer:  

In order to send it through the system, you should click on the checkbox “Send email to customer”:


If you want to copy the payment link and paste it elsewhere, you can just click on “Generate link”, without checking the email to customer box:


The payment link also allows the merchant to invoice his/her customers should they wish to book a private/custom tour.

The unique url directs the customer to the checkout point, where they are able to settle their outstanding payment.



If a customer needs to reschedule a trip, you can do so by using the Rebook feature.


From the left navigation menu, go to Bookings > Overview and then select Details next to the relevant basket. You will be redirected to the Basket Details View. You can also search for the customer's name or email address in the search bar at the top left of the page.


From the Basket Details View, you can use the Rebook button on the right to rebook the whole basket. Alternatively, you can modify the order under Basket Summary. Here, you can modify the whole trip or just rebook one specific guest.

To rebook the whole trip (all customers within the trip will be affected by this action), select the bolded Choose an action button on the guests’ module and click Rebook basket item.

To rebook one specific guest, select the non-bolded Choose an action button for the relevant guest, then click on Rebook guest.

This will take you to the Details page, where you can finalise your rebookings.

Rebook all guests: this will rebook all customers on the trip. This is useful for trips that are, for example, canceled due to weather.

Rebook: this option will rebook an individual customer to another trip.

Cancel a booking 

If a guest or a whole trip needs to be cancelled, you can do this on the same page where you rebook guests. Just click on the Cancel and refund button for the guest/s you wish to cancel and this will cancel the booking and refund their payment.

TrekkSoft can issue full refund or partial refunds in case that is your cancellation policy.


Refund guests 

Full Refund: you can manually refund the total amount, this can be done as long as the customer's purchase has first been cancelled using the Choose an Action drop-down menu. Once a purchase has been cancelled, simply click Add Refund in the Refunds section.

Partial Refund: alternatively, you can issue a partial refund of the total amount. To do this, first add a Rebate for the desired amount, then issue a refund for the same amount.

From the Basket Details View, scroll down to Rebates / Vouchers and click on Add rebate. Enter the desired amount and click Save.

Then, head back to the Basket Details View and scroll to Add Refund. Issue a refund for the same amount as the rebate and you’re done.




Refunding a customer who paid through TrekkSoft's payment gateway

When a customer uses a credit card to pay through TrekkSoft's payment gateway, you can select TrekkSoft from the Refund by drop-down menu and the refund will be processed by TrekkSoft (transaction fees apply).

Otherwise, select the party responsible for refunding the money. If you select a different treasurer, the refund will have to be processed manually.

NOTE: This feature is only available when using the Trekksoft Payment Gateway.


Manage Inquiries

Whenever a booking inquiry is made, a notification email will be sent to you with all the information about the inquiry.

To retrieve this inquiry, go to Bookings > Inquiries in the left bar menu. Here you can see all the inquiries you’ve received.

You’ll be able to contact your customer at the email address you’ve collected from the Inquiry form.

In order to add or remove info from the Inquiry form, go to the user Custom Fields and generate custom fields that are to be shown on the inquiry form.

To delete the Inquiry, click on the arrow next to Details and select Delete Inquiry.

Check how to accept inquiries per activity.

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