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Having multiple prices is useful if you charge different fares for adults, children, seniors, students or group bookings. We call these different prices “price categories” and you can add one or multiple price categories to an activity.

Here, we’ll show you how to add a price to your activities.

If you haven’t added a schedule to your activities, please do so before creating a price. You can read about how to create a schedule here.

Let’s get going.

Click on Inventory from your left-hand menu, then select Activity from the drop-down menu. Scroll to the activity you want to edit, click on Options and select Edit Schedule & Prices. Alternatively, you can reach this page by directly clicking on Schedule & Prices from the activity page.

To create a price, simply click Add.



Basic Options

Now it’s time for you to set-up your price. Fill in the required information in the first tab:

  • Name -  Name your price category. For example Adult, Child or Student.
  • Description - Add a brief description for this price category. For example, if you’ve named your price category “Adult”, you could describe it as “for people over 18 years old”.
  • Price - How much will you charge people in this price category?
  • Is your activity taxed with different taxes? - Check this box if you need to add a tax to your trip and adjust the tax rate for the trip. Learn more about setting up taxes here.
  • Seating - Is this price category for individuals (fixed) or for groups (variable)?

What’s the difference between fixed and variable seating?

Seating type: Fixed
These are single tickets where each booking represents one seat on your trip.

For example, if you have a boat for 20, and 4 people book with you; each of them will count as a single booking and will each have their own ticket.  

Seating type: Variable
If you select “Variable Pricing”, you’re creating a group ticket. You’ll be asked to specify how many people each group can contain.

Back to the boat example with your boat for 20, if you want to sell as many seats as possible, you can create groups of 5 to 10 people to book all together. If someone books for 5 people, this booking will have one ticket but will take up 5 seats on your trip.



Once you’ve filled in the required settings of your price category you can click Save. If you would like to further adjust settings for your price category, continue on to the other tabs for advanced options.


Advanced Options

In the other tabs, you will find advanced options for your price categories, these are optional and are not necessary for a price category to be valid.

Down Payment

You can set an amount you would like your customer to pay at the time of booking. You can collect the remaining amount on the day of the trip.


Number of seats occupied per guest: If this is a fixed price category that occupies more than one seat on your trip, you can define it here. For example, a “Couple” price category will occupy two seats on your trip so enter “2”.

Available number of seats: You can limit the numbers of tickets sold per trip for this price category.  If you only have 5 seats in this price category available the price will be unavailable once these seats have been booked (if the trip has more seats available these will be sold with one of you other price categories).

If this is left blank, the trip’s schedule capacity will be applied.

Exclusive/Private Price Category: Mark this if you offer a private tour. Private price category indicates that this is a private booking.


If you are working with partners or resellers, you can set the price that they will resell the activity for. Do this by adding a Default price. You can further adjust different prices for different resellers as well.



Guest Information

If you want customers to enter their details before or after check out, or if you don’t need their information at all, select an option that applies.


If this trip uses a specific resource or is limited by resources, select an option that applies. Read more about resources here

Click on Save when you’re done.

This is what it will look like once you’ve added one or multiple price categories to your activity.



Video Tutorial 


What's next?

  • For advanced users who want to use yield management for special pricing, use a down payment option or run your tours in multiple languages then check out our more advanced Price Options.
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