Creating Scheduling Rules

Creating a schedule allows you to offer day/time slots for customers to book your activities. Schedules are generated by creating a series of rules which reflect your scheduling preferences and maximum capacities. Without a schedule, an activity cannot be booked by your customers.

Select Schedule > Add Schedule 

There are two schedule types, Voucher (See Scheduling Rules - Voucher) and Attraction/Trip - these determine the behaviour of your scheduling and the maximum capacity of an activity.

After selecting an schedule type, you will find many different scheduling rules, complete each section based on the rules applicable to your activity. 


Date & Time

Start Date: The date indicating when guests are able to start booking the activity (the start of your season).


In this section you can determine whether you want your activity to repeat: DailyWeekly, Monthly, Yearly. 

Repeat Until: The last day that the activity is bookable (the end of your season). Once the activity schedule becomes invalid, i.e. once it surpasses the Repeat Until date, you will be able to view your past schedules under the Past tab. 


Cut-off Time: Defines how many minutes before start time booking is allowed. For example a cut-off time of 60 minutes will close booking at 2PM if start time is 3PM.

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